Solar incentives are offered at a State and National level

Regional and National Solar Incentives

Solar Incentives are offered at a National Level for Carbon emissions emitted over a 15 year period.  This is a Government offer that started at 15 years and tapers off each year.  Currently, this is a 12 year offering and is an upfront payment which your Solar Installation company deducts from the quotation of your solar Installation.  This works out to approximately $700 per kilowatt in Victoria and can vary depending on the uptake of solar at the time.  This works out to $3,500 on a 5-kilowatt system an approximate 30% saving upfront on your solar Installation.

Save up to 50% of overall costs

Creating incentives to go solar

In 2020 the Victorian Government is offering Financial Incentives of $1,888 off the cost of a 4kW solar Installation for people who uptake solar.  To further reduce Installation costs, householders cam apply for an Interest free loan, for an amount equivalent to their rebate amount.  The Victorian Financial Incentive is a claim made by the solar provider after the Installation and after all required paperwork has been submitted.  This is an incentive offered simply for the uptake of solar however stimulating the stress on the electricity network grid.

With both the National and Victorian Government Rebate on offer, it is a great time to go Solar and not only save a lot on Electricity (50% to 80% in Victoria) with a return on Investment under 3 years, and also play a big role in reducing carbon emissions for our Environment.  Solar power is the greatest guaranteed return on an Investment when the right product is used and Installed correctly, After Installation, service and support are integral in making sure you and our environment get the right results.

Solar Installation: Cost and Payback

These savings can be greatly increased if you use your solar system efficiently. Tesla Electrical can show you how this can be achieved.

Tesla Electrical recommend using high-quality equipment when it comes to your solar Installation.  We have done all the hard work for you and choose to use Inverters and Solar panels which will have a greater Return on your Investment.  A higher quality product will last a great deal longer,  the manufacturers offer a higher quality service and it will have a much greater impact on lowering your electricity bills and having a greater impact on the environment.  We only recommend 3 Inverters for different scenarios when it comes to your solar Installation.  Having a higher quality system will double your return and last twice as long.  Service is also a key factor when Installing solar.  Understanding how your system works and being able to understand how you are being charged by your Electricity Retailer will have a big impact on what you pay for Electricity.

Tesla Electrical support our customers through the entire solar process offering an ongoing service to our clientele, making sure that they are getting the maximum benefit from their Solar Installation Investment.

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Benefits for Small Business

Greater savings on your energy costs could mean greater growth in other areas of your business.

Small businesses are entitled to immediate tax deductions on purchases under $20,000. This incentive is available to businesses with a turnover of less that $2 million up until June 2017. With these savings, your return on your solar installation will be less than three years.