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Tesla Electrical & Solar is Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW’s Solar Power and Solar Panels solutions experts. Results That Speak for Themselves. Tesla Electrical & Solar are Environmentally friendly sustainable Electricians with an emphasis on getting the very best results for our customers. We offer a high quality sustainable solar solution with high returns for our customers, which also has a positive impact on the Environment. This will give you a much greater return on your Investment. Solar power is a long term sustainable solution that will get you immediate results. 

Product, Service and Support are all Integral components of the solar process
which have a big  impact on your
Investment and the Environment.    Less than 10% of solar installations are
Installed correctly without having  the
right product, service and support. 

Using  high quality product will give  you a 30-40% return on your Investment.  Having the very best in  service and support will ensure that you maintain
this for 20+  years.  This is a much greater return than any other
Investment.   Getting the right results for our customers
is  also in our best interests as we rely
on great referrals from our clients. 

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We are trusted, Environmentally Conscious Electricians with over 20 years Industry experience from Queensland to Northern NSW. Speak to any of our ongoing satisfied customers and let us show you results from any of our system Installations. We also have great customer testimonials as a direct result of our high quality product, service and support.

Tesla Electrical & Solar have taken all of the hard work out of Installing Solar, knowing what works best to get the right results for our clients and The Environment. Any dealing with our customers are viewed as ongoing relationships ensuring that your Electricity bills are minimal and remain this way. We have high quality Solar solutions for different types of system Installations. With results like ours everyone can afford solar.

We are ethical Electricians who deal with the entire solar process. We care about getting the right results for our customers and the Environment.

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