“We only use a high quality product and offer an ongoing service, making sure that you get the right results that you paid for.”



Tesla Electrical are qualified Solar designers and Installers.
Tesla Electrical will show you how you will receive a payback on your system within 3 years with a residential premises.


Tesla Electrical’s residential and commercial electricians take pride in providing a personal, high quality service to
all customers.

Finance Options available for Solar and Electrical installations


Our experienced commercial electrical contractors, will ensure your property is maintained in an efficient and safe manner.

  • Retail shop fit-outs
  • Commercial office fit-outs
  • Factory fit-outs
  • Switchboard upgrades – mains upgrades
  • Singe phase and 3 phase power supplies
  • Data and phone
  • Extra data points – power points
  • All light and power
  • Automation control
  • Scheduled and preventative building maintenance
  • Unit developments
  • Fault finding and repairs

No job is too big or too small, so if your requirement isn’t listed here, please get in touch!

Commercial Electrical Services



We like to work in a clean and safe environment as residential electricians, and always provide safety certificates for any work or electrical maintenance we undertake.

  • New homes – extensions
  • Renovations & rewires
  • New power outlets – new lights and lighting points
  • Energy efficient lighting – LED lighting
  • Garage and shed wiring electrical solutions
  • Air conditioning
  • IXL tactics
  • Outdoor lighting – security lighting
  • TV points – phone points
  • Switchboard upgrades – mains upgrades, safety switches
  • Home automation

Domestic Electrical Services


Battery Technology

Take greater control over your energy. Battery storage is set to revolutionise the solar market. Tesla will show you how to enjoy the benefits.

Battery storage allows solar power consumers even greater control over their energy use and will contribute to a cleaner environment for future generations.

Tesla can help you add Battery Technology to your home or business electrical today.



In addition to solar Rebates and Government tax Incentives offered for solar, there are numerous financial options available to assist you in your solar Investment.

Your home or business can pay for Solar with $0 upfront costs. This is a cash flow positive outcome, meaning your savings will outweigh your repayments.


We are Tesla Electrical and Solar.

Supplying Australia with a high Quality Product and an Ongoing Service.

When making the choice to go solar it is very important to:
1. Choose the right product
2. Have your system designed according to your needs
3. Have your system installed professionally

There is a lack of information when it comes to solar.
Tesla Electrical will show you how you can receive a payback on your system within 3 years. Tesla Electrical have the ability to do this because we are qualified electricians, designers and installers who deal with our customers directly.

We deal with the entire Solar Installation from start to finish, and make sure you are getting the right results from your Investment – We make the experience of going Solar, simple.

Our choice in product is of the highest quality. A greater quality product will ensure much better efficiency and therefore, a quicker payback time on your system.
It is important to choose the right product when installing solar to ensure that your system will last long into the future. To ensure a less then 3 year payback on your system, Tesla Electrical will design your system, meeting with you to discuss your daily electricity habits and sizing your system accordingly. When the right product is used, and a system is designed and installed professionally, your solar installation will pay for itself in 3 years.

‘When a high quality product is used Solar Power is a long term Investment that gets immediate results. This is a superior investment compared to money in the bank…

When solar is designed and installed correctly it will add value to your home. Tesla Electrical’s choice of product are Enphase Microinverters which never produce voltages above the normal home voltage. This significantly reduces the risk of fire and injury.

We offer great FINANCE deals on Solar!

Tesla can have you enjoying the benefits of Solar energy in your home or business with our amazing finance deals. Simply contact us to find out how easy Solar can be for you.


A high quality Product will ensure greater efficiency and a greater return on investment.

Tesla Electrical only uses products of the highest quality

Battery Storage

Battery storage is set to revolutionise the solar market.
Battery Technology, greater control over your energy.

It is imperative to have a high quality solar Installation when Installing batteries. A high quality installation will mean greater solar production which will then have a direct impact on the cost of a battery installation.

Battery storage systems enable consumers to manage their energy supply in peak demand periods by:
storing excess power produced during the day for later use; and
drawing from battery storage instead of the grid during peak hours
(usually morning and evening for most people), reducing energy costs.

Tesla Electrical installs hybrid solar systems that are adaptable to battery storage at any time. This will allow you to add battery storage to your solar system when the technology and price of the product improves.

Installing a hybrid solar system now still allows you to take advantage of the current solar rebates and the reduction in energy costs.


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