Solar Batteries – Manage your energy

Battery storage is set to revolutionise the solar market. Tesla Electrical & Solar will show you how to enjoy the benefits.

Battery storage allows solar power consumers even greater control over their energy use.

Battery storage systems enable consumers to manage their energy supply in peak demand periods by:

  • Storing excess power produced during the day for later use; and
  • Drawing from battery storage instead of the grid during peak hours (usually morning and evening for most people), reducing energy costs.

Battery technology

Battery technology is a great investment where batteries are necessary as a backup power system. They are also implemented by customers wanting to have greater control over their power usage without the consideration of payback times. Tesla electrical look at the return on Investment when it comes to solar power technology. A Return on Investment on a battery ready solar Installation is currently 2-3 years with the implementation of Generous Rebates and Incentives offered by the Government at a National and State level. Incentives and Rebates cover approximately half the cost of a solar Installation in Victoria with a State rebate, and a third of the cost in NSW and Queensland. A Return on Investment on a battery set-up is currently 10 years, and battery technology generally has a warranty of 10 years.

Only 5 years ago the payback on a battery back-up system was 20 years. Batteries are fast becoming a more cost effective solution with increased battery technology on the solar market and the hope that rebates and incentives are offered on battery technology in the near future. Tesla Electrical will inform you when it is the right time to Install battery technology and what products to use. In the meantime Tesla Electrical recommend having a solar Installation that is battery ready using the technologies that we recommend on our products (link to product page) page.

Having a high quality solar Installation will produce more solar power increasing system efficiency which will increase Electricity savings. It is important to have a good quality solar Installation that will produce more power, catering for your electrical needs and decreasing the amount of batteries required for your solar system.