Solar Battery Storage and Stand Alone (Off Grid) power systems, are you ready?

Solar Battery Storage for solar power has been a hot topic of conversation for many years.  

The solar battery storage Industry has come a long way in the last 5 years and Tesla Electrical can show you what the best solar battery solution for your hybrid and off grid solar requirements are, battery storage is set to revolutionise the way we use electricity.

We are seeing a drop in the cost of batteries in line with a reduction in Feed-in tariffs for solar power making it a great time to invest in solar battery technology.  This will give you control over your electricity and enable you to operate when there are blackouts.  

Tesla Electrical offers an Australian made, flexible battery solution that will cater for all your battery storage requirements.  Our installations have the capacity to mine for crypto currency.

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When will the right time be to Install Solar battery technology?

With years of anticipation from our clients and homeowners who have solar power, Tesla Electrical is frequently asked when the right time to install a solar battery is.  

It has been against Tesla Electrical’s moral obligation and reputation to install solar batteries prior to this point in time.  Tesla Electrical can now assure you that this is the right time to Invest in Solar Battery technology for your home or when going off the grid (Stand Alone).

Due to the below developments with-in the industry

  • A Significant drop in battery costs
  • A recent drop in home feed-in tariffs 
  • A much improved battery product 

We are happy to offer an Australian made battery solar solution that we tailor to your needs.  

Tesla Electrical uses ‘Red Earth’ battery solutions that can cater for everyone’s solar requirements whether it be an existing solar, a new installation or an off grid solar set up.  Unlike other battery systems we can add more panels to make sure your batteries are fully utilised and add more batteries in the future to cater for your budget and storage needs.  

With a recent drop in feed in tariffs it is highly beneficial to store your excess solar production for night time use and have battery back-up when the Electricity network is down. Rather than feed-in to the grid at a lower rate you will be able to utilise all of your solar production and use it at night time or when there are power outages utilising free power.  Having a sustainable battery back-up system will also add value to your home or business.  

Have complete control over your Electricity even when the Grid goes down.  Power outages are more frequent these days as there is an increased demand for the grid particularly in times of peak demand.  

Tesla Electrical also offer Stand Alone Power solutions which are a better option than being connected to the grid in rural areas and different situations.  You will never have to think about an Electricity bill ever again.

Tesla Electrical Battery

Did you notice that your Electricity Bills have gone up recently?

Electricity bills have recently gone up due to retailers dropping the value of the Feed in Tariff. Customers were paid handsomely for any excess power going back out to the Grid in the past. In line with this battery technology has significantly decreased in price.  

The convenience of not losing power when the Grid is down and having control over your electricity makes batteries a great solution for any existing home solar Installation or Off grid solar solution. 

This can also be a great option for anyone who doesn’t currently have solar power and would like a battery storage solution incorporated into their installation. Tesla Electrical are Solar designers and Installers who will design the best solution for your solar battery and off grid requirements. 

Advantages of using our recommended battery solutions:

Tesla Electrical Battery 2

  • We use an Australian made products with long warranties 
  • Flexible to use on any existing solar Installation 
  • Flexible to add more panels at any time
  • Claim the panel rebates, and don’t pay for the cost of the solar panels (no other battery system offers this)
  • Start small and add more batteries and solar panels as your solar battery requirements grow, and your budget allows.  
  • Tesla Electrical are qualified Solar Designers and Installers who design a solution for your premises making it a seamless, cost effective process.
  • Go off the grid and never have to think about paying for electricity again.
  • Have control over your Power and never be without electricity.
  • Be set up for CryptoCurrency mining with great returns on Investment.
  • Add value to your home by making it an off grid sustainable living solution. 
  • Great Service and support from us, your Electricians and Installers and our Australian battery supplier.

If you live in a rural area or you want to go Off the Grid, Stand Alone Power is a great sustainable solution and the way of the future.  

Stand Alone power is very affordable when weighing up the option of being connected to the grid.  Have complete control over your Electricity and never have to worry about having to pay for electricity again.

Tesla Electrical uses an Australian battery Company manufacturer in Red Earth and can design a battery solution to cater for all of your storage requirements! Contact Tesla Electrical today to find out how you can get started.