Solar Inverters & Panels

Tesla Electrical & Solar has been installing and testing Solar products for 20 years. We have taken the time and hassle out of Solar by doing all the research for you to ensure we’re only using the best products at the most affordable price. We’re more than happy to show any new clients the Solar Performance of all our Installed systems and bill comparisons from ongoing clients that we service.

We use only the highest quality Product to produce the best outcome for your Solar Installation. We do not believe in using a low grade inferior product that is not going to benefit you in the long run with your solar needs. Solar is an excellent investment for clients and companies when the right product is used and installed correctly. We guarantee our products come with strong warranties and supported financial backing and will keep you updated on any new key players coming into the market.

Fronius Inverters

5 year warranty + 5 year extended warranty

Fronius is an Austrian (European) company Est in 1945 and they are the Worlds leaders in Solar Inverters. They have been developing energy solutions for 60 years making their product the absolute top of the range. They’re the Rolls Royce of the Inverter industry and never fail to disappoint with their high end product.

fronius inverter


10 year product warranty

Enphase are a US company. They offer a more flexible system design with each panel operating with its own micro Inverter. Tesla Electrical see good results from Enphase. Despite the extra cost, Enphase inverters also have a much higher efficiency. We recommend using Enphase for certain applications.

Jinko Solar Panels

12 year product warranty + 25 year performance warranty

Tesla Electrical choose Solar panels based on overall performance and sufficient financial support. We pride ourselves on using panels with good local Australian backing and representation. Jinko Solar panels are Tier 1 panels, they have an above the board 12 year Product warranty that also includes a 25 year Performance warranty. Let us show you the results from our panel performance.

Canadian Solar Panels

10 year product warranty + 25 year performance warranty

Canadian Solar have shown significant results on our solar Installations. They have very strong local backing and supported financial records. They’re a Tier 1 Solar Panel and come with a 10 year product warranty and a 25 year performance Warranty.

REC Solar Panels

25 year product warranty + 25 year performance warranty

REC Solar Panels are a Tier 1 Solar panel established in Norway and manufactured in Singapore. They are a little more costly however have high efficiencies – This is a top of the range solar panel!

Radiant Mounting

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A solar mounting system is the Integrity of your Solar system and when it comes to a flat roof there is no better mounting system then Radiant. Radiant boast a high quality product supported by a 15 year warranty.