Tesla Electrical are committed to helping you understand Solar Power.

Is now a good time to Install Solar?

The cost of solar product has quartered in the last 4-5 years and incentives are currently at their highest value.

There has been no better time to Install solar and have your system automatically set up for batteries when required.

What is the payback time for a Solar installation?

Solar Power will give you high returns on Investment when the right quality product is used, backed up by good service from us and choosing products that offer good system support.

Solar will give you a return of between 30-40% when the right system is designed for your solar Installation.

This is a payback period of 2.5 – 3.5 years also returning well into the future with good system support and good service from your Solar Installation company.

Tesla Electrical only use products that have good support, and we back that up with a sustainable ongoing service to our customers.

What are the environmental advantages of Installing Solar?

The sun provides a tremendous resource for generating clean and sustainable electricity without toxic pollution or global warming emissions

Producing electricity with solar power doesn’t create any pollution, any greenhouse gases, and doesn’t use any fossil fuel resources.

We can move away from the use of fossil fuels like oil and gas – the future is in our hands.

Think smart – think solar.

How do I know what type of panels or Inverters to use?

We only use the highest in quality and safety in Inverters and Panels. We trust in Fronius Inverters who are a listed company and who’s efficiency, warranties and service are far greater than other systems.

We also source Tier 1 solar panels with good financial records and long warranties behind them.

Are prices for solar going to drop?

Prices have come down dramatically in the last 4-5 years and rebates are at their highest price. The cost of solar is likely to Increase when the rebates drop due to an uptake on batteries.

How do I know what size solar system I will need?

Tesla Electrical will assist you in what size solar system you need. This can vary depending on your daily electricity habits. Catering for batteries will also affect the size of your system.

I am new to solar panels. What are the information and key steps I need to know ?

Solar can be difficult to navigate.  Having trust in who you employ to carry out your solar installation is crucial!  A company should be able to offer great service and support from the initial quoting process right through to any after Installation service. If a quotation is too good to be true it generally is, and they are often cutting corners, whether it be in the mounting system or service and support they offer.   Electrical companies that are well established, are Electricians who perform the work, and have great reviews is a good starting point.  A  company should be willing to come out, look at the job and talk you through the solar process.   Are they the person performing the works or are they a sales person!

Four steps to get started with solar

Solar Panels- What to look for and what you need?

Stick to Solar Panels that have decent Australian market presence, offer great warranties, and who have been around for a long time.  Rule of thumb for Electricians who Install solar products is that if you haven’t heard of a brand it is not a warranted product which will not offer great support.    Using Solar panels that have decent warranties, 12 to 15 years is a very good option. Don’t fall for the 25 year performance warranty on solar panels.  All recognised panels have a product and performance warranty.  Cost of Solar Panels will effect your Return on Investment and the most expensive panels are not necessarily the greatest solution.  Currently Australia does not have any options for solar panels made in Australia.  

Solar Invertes – What to look for and what you need?

The greater the quality the Inverter, the better it will perform and the more you will save.  Market share of what is widely used in Australia is a good guide.  Fronius are the most widely used system in Australia, and are a European Inverter made in Austria.  Micro Inverters are also a great option particularly when it comes to any shading elements.  If one panel gets shading on a Central Inverter system this will effect all of the solar panels.  A cheaper Inverter will impact your savings by a lot every year.  The better the Inverter the greater the savings.  This is a 20 year investment.  Again good warranties ties and well established companies are important.  

Solar Calculator – What to look for and what you need?

Please view our Solar calculator!  Our calculator is based on CEC guidelines and is a great reference point on returns.  results based on the last 5 years of Installations in the northern rivers.  We have looked at other calculators which take a medium reading from all system Installations.  

How much does it cost you to set up and run solar panels?

There are quite a few contributing factors that will effect the cost of solar power.  The quality of the equipment from the Inverter and the solar panels right down to the mounting equipment.  A cheaper quotation may not factor in Service and support which can make a difference to how much you spend on Electricity over time.   It is estimated that the most commonly used size system of a 5kW Inverter and 6.6kW of solar panels will range from 5 to 9 thousand dollars in 2022.

Questions to ask before you buy solar panels

Can we see your Electrical Licenses?

Do you have results of previous solar installations that we can view? 

Do you have reviews that we can view?

How long have you been Installing solar?  

How much can we save? 

What is our return on Investment?

What products do you use?

Do the solar panels you use have a good presence in Australia?

Do you offer after sales service and support?  

Which system is best for my needs?

Although it is great to do your own research before committing to solar, good companies are able to show you all elements of the solar process making for a smooth process without any problems.  Choosing the right company and having trust in who you employ for your services is integral in getting the right outcome that will benefit you for years to come.  Service and Support will play a great role in this.  

What are solar rebate?

Solar Rebate are an Incentive offered by the Australian Government.  Currently rebates will cover the cost of a  middle range solar panel that have the greatest market share in Australia for 80 to 90% of the cost of your solar panels (solar panels are essentially almost free of cost). The solar rebate tapers off every year however with that we also see a fluctuating price in Solar panels.  Currently solar panels are rising in cost due to greater import costs in 2022.   

What are the benefits of battery storage?

Solar Battery storage is the next step in having the complete solar solution.  Batteries will store any excess solar power produced during the day that can then be utilised during peak periods.  Having full control over your electricity is also a key component in having batteries.  A good solar battery set up will be able to operate when the Electricity Grid goes down ie in Blackouts.  With greater uptake in batteries due to a drop in Feed In Tariffs we are seeing a reduction in the cost of batteries making for a more viable option to have a complete solar solution.