Solar PV

What is a solar PV system?

A Solar PV is made of an Inverter or Inverters that convert DC power into AC power so that it can be used in your home. This is supported by a mounting frame and solar PV (photo voltaic) modules.

Tesla Electrical use a range of highly efficient and reliable Inverters backed by long warranties. We recommend brands such as SMA, Fronius, Enphase, and Zeversolar as a cheaper alternative

AC Microconverters South East Queensland and North East NSW

Tesla electricals choice of Inverters are enphase micro inverters which never produce voltages above normal home voltage. This significantly increases system efficiency, and reduces the risk of fire and injury.

When comparing enphase to other systems on the market enphase are the obvious choice in product for solar design and installation.

Other solar hybrid DC options are also available. All systems Tesla Electrical install are adaptable to battery back-up.

Enphase micro inverters are reliable, smart and safe.

AC Micro Inverters v DC String Inverters
  • AC micro inverters are up to 25% more efficient; each PV panel has its own inverter and will operate independently of other panels.
  • AC micro inverters require less load to operate, meaning they start earlier in the morning and run longer into the evening.
  • If a PV panel is dirty, shaded or not operating properly with an AC micro inverter system, the rest of the array will continue to run smoothly. The same scenario in a DC string inverter system will result in all panels operating at the efficiency of the lowest operating panel. If one panel stops working, all panels stop working.
  • AC micro inverters are installed under the panels on the roof and are not visible.
  • AC micro inverters allow the addition of more panels at a later date. This is more difficult to achieve with a traditional DC string inverter system due to the limitations on a single inverter and the rating of that inverter.
  • Enphase micro inverters are the safest system on the solar market; there is no high DC voltage on your roof.
  • AC micro inverters allow 24/7 monitoring access via your phone or computer, tracking your savings.
  • AC micro inverters require little or no maintenance post installation.
Tesla AC Micro Converter

AC Microinverter.

Tesla DC String Converter

DC String Inverter.

If there is a dirty, shaded or problem panel the rest of the array will continue to run smoothly. In a DC system, if 1 panel stops working they all stop working.

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Solar Panels

Solar Panels South East Queensland and North Coast NSW

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing the right solar panels.

We have done our homework and choose solar panels which are proven performers. Our selections are based on solar panels with minimal marketing behind them and strong financial records, long warranties and a high efficiency rating.

All our solar panels come with a 25 year performance warranty.

All our solar panels come with a 25-year performance warranty.

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