Finance Options Available

In addition to solar Rebates and Government tax Incentives offered for solar, there are numerous financial options available to assist you in your solar Investment.

Save money from day 1

Your home or business can pay for Solar with $0 upfront costs. This is a cash flow positive outcome, meaning your savings will outweigh your repayments.

We are confident in the product we use in Enphase micro-Inverters

With a return of between 15- 20% for residential solar in Melbourne and much greater for daytime business practices it makes sense to go solar. Country Victoria benefits are even greater, as high as 50% for small business in Northern Victoria as there is more sun and higher rebates are offered for your carbon emissions

Pay $0 upfront

*It is possible to finance with your existing mortgage. At current low Interest rates this is a viable option. We suggest you speak to your current home loan lender as rates and charges may apply.

*A Green loan offered through Community First offers rates of 6.12%. Pay $0 upfront with no monthly account keeping fees.

Loan calculators will allow you to calculate your Return on Investment.

Contact Community 1st for more information.

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