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Enphase Batteries Melbourne

Take greater control over your energy.

Battery storage is set to revolutionise the solar market. Tesla will show you how to enjoy the benefits.

Battery storage allows solar power consumers even greater control over their energy use and will contribute to a cleaner environment for future generations.

Battery storage systems enableconsumers to manage their energy supply in peak demand periods by:

  • storing excess power produced during the day for later use; and
  • drawing from battery storage instead of the grid during peak hours(usually morning and evening for most people), reducing energy costs.

Enphase Battery technology

Tesla Electrical choose to use Enphase AC battery technology.

Enphase solar systems are adaptable to battery storage at any time. All our systems are set up to automatically cater for the enphase 1.2kW modular battery when available.

Enphase battery technology will be available midyear 2016.

The Enphase AC battery is part of a fully Intergrated energy management system, meaning there is no need to adopt other product into the system. This is also very important when dealing with warranties.

Enphase batterys:

*96% efficiency – minimal system losses

*Enphase batterys are tested to cycle at 95% discharge, at 2 cycles a day for 14 years.

*Modular – you can add more batterys at any time.

*10 year warranty

Enphase batterys are very price competitive at between $2,000 and $2,500 fully installed for 2.4kW and are modular, meaning more batterys can keasily be added.

In comparison to other systems that are set to cost around $15,000 for a 7.5kW system at 80% discharge.

As Rebates are at there highest rate now is the right time to have your Enphase solar installed in readiness for the Enphase battery due to be released in July. When there is a rush on batterys Rebates will drop.

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